5 Reasons Why Students Love to Study in Canada

Canada is indeed an ideal study location for students who are willing to pursue their higher studies abroad. The primary reason that makes it a favorite study destination is its internationally reputed universities. Moreover, Canadian Ministry has recently decided to welcome more and more international students so, no matter which part of the world you come from, you are most welcome to study in Canada. Canada even encourages international students to do part-time jobs during their course of study (Bachelor’s or Master’s), as this helps students to afford their tuition fees themselves.

Some of the famous Canadian study destinations that students mostly prefer are Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal as these cities facilitate students with the best academic environment.

Without any further delay let’s just get you acquainted with some convincing reasons that why you should apply for study visa to Canada:

1.You get a chance to visit in the top internationally reputed Universities: Canada holds a great reputation in terms of academic excellence because of its top-ranked Universities. As per the QS World University Ranking, 26 Canadian University hold a place in this ranking. Though we are not going to discuss all of them here, but let’s look at the top 10 Canadian Universities.

  • McGill University ( 30th Rank in the World)
  • University of Toronto ( 32nd Rank)
  • University of British Columbia ( 45th Rank)
  • University of Alberta ( 94th Rank)
  • Université de Montréal ( 126th Rank)
  • McMaster University (149th Rank)
  • University of Waterloo (152nd Rank)
  • University of Calgary ( 196th Rank)
  • Western University (198th Rank)
  • Queen’s University ( 223rd Rank)

2.English is Everywhere: Though English and French both are Canada’s official language, you can still survive in this country if you only know English. No matter if you are willing to pursue Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D., you can get a favorable course in English.

3.A safe country to pursue your career abroad: Canada holds 8th rank in the world’s safest countries with Global peace index of 1.371. So, no need to worry any more, just apply for study visa to Canada without any hesitation. Moreover, it holds the first place in the terms of Quality of Life Ranking.

4.Great Choice for Research Students: Most of the academic courses offered by Canadian Universities emphasizes on projects that involve extra research, prepare students for research fields. And the matter of fact is that Canada is already famous for its teaching technique, as it includes workshops, group work, assignments, and projects apart from traditional lectures that all other universities offer.

5.Cosmopolitan Environment: Canada welcomes 1,20,000 students each year from diverse countries and cultures. So, students who want to study in Canada can get a golden opportunity to meet with people from different cultural backgrounds.

So, what are you waiting for! Enroll yourself in top 10 Canadian Universities and elevate your career opportunities. For more details regarding study visa to Canada, kindly Contact Chopra Consultancy or visit our head office in Sector-34 Chandigarh.

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