Business Visa to United States (US)


The US government welcomes investors from all over the world to come and do business with its people. The basic aim of this endeavor is to make the economy of the country stronger and create better relationships with the other countries.


The Government of the United States of America allows four types of business visas: Treaty Trader (E-1), Treaty Investor (E-2) visas, Investor-Visas and B1-visas.

Treaty Trader (E-1) and Treaty Investor (E-2) Visas:

  • The Treaty Trader (E-1) and Treaty Investor (E-2) visas are both meant for the people who are residents of the countries with which the Government of the United States of America maintains treaties for commerce, tourism, international banking, transportation and insurance.
  • The people who have a share in the investment of a business being carried out between the Government of US and the treaty country are eligible for the Treaty Trader (E-1) and Treaty Investor (E-2) visas. Those who carry out trade for providing services of any kind for the benefit of the people of both the countries are also eligible for these business visas.

For Treaty Trader (E-1) Visa:

  • It is important the people aspiring to obtain the Treaty Trader (E-1) own at least 50% of a business representing a trading firm. Thus, they should be working at a managerial post in the company and should possess the skills of profiting the mutual project between the two countries involved.
  • Moreover, the trade carried out by the firm should be a continuous business with enough profit. 50% of this profit should be shared between the American government and the treaty country.

For Treaty Trader (E-2) Visa:

  • Apart from following the same conditions that are required for Treaty Trader (E-1), the applicants for Treaty Investor (E-2) need to have a sufficient amount of investment which can be used for commercial or entrepreneurial trading purposes.
  • As the investment is required to furnish the economy of the United States of America, it should be more than what is usually sufficient to support a family. The applicant however cannot attach loans with the trading enterprise.

The fee for each visa type is $270.00.

Investor Visa:

The applicant for the investor visa must possess $1,000,000 USD to $5,000,000 USD to be eligible. He or she should be able to provide jobs to ten US citizens or migrants through his or her business and these employers should not include the investor’s relatives or friends.

There are four sub-categories for the investor visa known as C5, T5, R5 and I5.

B1 Visa:

The B1 visas are meant for visitors or tourists who come to the United States of America for a short period of time to carry out some specific business purposes. These business purposes can be based on attending conferences and meetings where people from the corporate and noncorporate sectors share their views.

In order to make sure which type of business visa for the United States of America is good for you, please call us and talk to our representatives.