Common Mistakes Students Make In Choosing a Study Abroad Destination

Are you a student who has big dreams of studying abroad but is somewhat confused about which country or course to go for? If that’s the case then we must admit that you are at the right place!

Choosing the right study destination is the first stepping stone towards a bright future. But, students commonly make a big mistake while finalizing this one-of-a-kind decision. To be more precise, half of the students just go with the flow, for instance, they either go for famous study abroad destinations like Canada and US or they opt for countries where their friends or relatives have already studied.

But, what they don’t understand is that one country or course may be good for one student but not for the other. So, its always better to think twice then make a wrong decision in a hurry!

Basically, there are certain mistakes that students generally make while choosing the right Study Abroad Destination. So, here are the following:

1) Course Selection

The primary step of choosing a right study destination is to select an appropriate course that you can enroll yourself into. The fact that we are emphasizing on selecting a right course is because it’s been observed that students generally choose the course as per the country of their choice but never a country as per the course of their choice.

In simple words, students choose countries first and then they look for courses that they can choose in the respective country. So, basically, it is a bad idea as every country has its own importance in terms of universities and the courses they offer.

Hence, before choosing your Study Abroad Destination, you must select the course you want to opt for. This will further help you choose the right country for pursuing your dreams.

2) Country Selection

So, once you are done with selecting the most appropriate course that best fits your hopes and dreams as well as has a good future scope, you must look for the right country.

Country Selection is the most important decision which needs your undivided attention because you need to keep in mind certain factors like safety, cost-of-living, lifestyle, job opportunities and many other. So, basically, like most other students don’t just go for famous study destinations like US and Canada but look for other countries too that best suit you and your need.

So, once you are done with shortlisting countries that best suit you and your choice of course then the next step is to narrow down the list as per your budget.

3) Return On Investment (ROI)

We all know that in order to fulfill the dreams of studying abroad, one must have ample amount of cash in his/her account. So it is always a wise decision to look for Return On Investment (ROI), i.e cost of living as well a the cost of studies.

So, before you make a decision, do calculate the expenses that you will have to manage in that country because it is always wise to go with a plan.

4) Spouse and Family Opportunities

Just planning your course of study in the country of your choice is not at all a good decision. You need to have a broader plan. By broad we mean, you can’t overlook spouse and family opportunities when choosing a country.

You definitely need to keep in mind the various possibilities of taking your family abroad, once you are settled abroad. Moreover, you also need to go through country policies and visa programs once you have selected the right country for your studies.

5) Value of that degree back in India 

Last but not the least, you even need to to take count of the worst case scenario, i.e what if you return back to India. So, basically, you even need to choose a course and country in a way that it has the same value in India as it has abroad.

So, simply ask yourself a question, Will my degree be equally valuable in India as it is abroad? And, if the answer is yes then you are ready to take a step ahead!

We wish you a happy study experience abroad. And for further assistance regarding the right Study Abroad Destination, visit Chopra Consultancy and get a chance to elevate your career to utmost heights.

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