How to Apply For Canada Tourist Visa from India

Canada is a peace loving country and ranks 7th in human happiness index. People are very friendly to foreigners and the country has been a center of attraction for tourists especially from India.

There are ample of people who apply for Canada Tourist Visa every year. So, are you also looking forward to visit Canada? If yes, let us highlight the procedure to apply for Canada Tourist Visa from India.

1. Online and Offline Mode of Application – The visa application for Canada can be obtained in two modes, online and offline. For online application, you need to get electronic copies of your document and should have a valid credit card. And, to apply offline, download the online application form and fill it according to the instructions provided on the website.

2. Payment of Fees – The mode of Fee payment can be done either by a bank draft or through a certified check. Before paying the fees, check the instructions for applying the visa application fee that is provided on the web page.

3. Visit your nearest CVAC (Canada Visa Application Centre) – Make a visit to your nearest CVAC with all the documents that are being asked to bring for verification. Make sure, you don’t forget to miss any document else, your Canada Tourist Visa application can be rejected.

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4. Keep a Check on your Online Application Form – A unique application number is provided that will help you to check the status of your online application form for Canada Tourist Visa.

5. Tourist Visa Extension For Canada – Canada Tourist Visa can be extended, however, you need to apply 30 days before the expiry of your visa.

In addition to all, you need to check the terms & conditions and eligibility for applying Canada Tourist visa.

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