What Are The New Canada PR Rules of 2018?

Canada is known as one of the most diversified countries and highly popular immigration destination among people around the world. Every year and then, there are numerous immigrants who migrate to this country on PR basis. According to stats, since 2015, the number of people applying for PR to Canada has multiplied. This was largely because of commencement of express entry program to Canada. This program helps immigrants get PR to Canada in a hassle free way. However, the bad news is that only a few immigrants are able to make out their way to Canada. There are many reasons for this including:

  • They follow a very casual approach when applying for a PR to Canada
  • They don’t follow the ongoing rules strictly
  • They are not aware of how to apply for PR to Canada

As a result, they apply with an incomplete application and ends up getting rejected and in extreme cases, they even get debarred from applying again by the IRCC for the time span of as many as 5 years.

Well, previously Canada has come up with the latest immigration rules of 2018. So, if you are planning to migrate to Canada on PR basis, here’s what you need to know:

New Canada PR Rules 2018:

New Express Entry Rules:

  • According to Canadian immigration system, FEES (Federal Express Entry System), along with the English language, French will also be considered as the official language of Canada. So, candidates having French language skills would get an additional CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points up to 30 when applying for PR to Canada.
  • Also, candidates having siblings in Canada would avail additional CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points of 15 when applying for PR via express entry program.
  • Also, creating an account with Canada job bank is no longer compulsory for candidates applying through the express entry.

Age Criterion Changed:  

  • The immigration refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) has come up with the new age criteria for dependent child i.e. from “Under 19” to “Under22” years of age.
  • Also, any person who is between 18 to 65 years of age can easily apply for immigration to Canada. Earlier, the criteria were from 21 years of age till 65, however, the initiative has been taken to attract more people to Canada.
  • For those who attain an age of 25 to 35 years have greater chances of success to migrate to Canada, as Canadian government thinks that people of this age group could probably contribute more towards the growth of an economy. However, age will solely not work, as one needs to meet other criteria as well.

Conditional Permanent Rule:

  • The Canadian government has cancelled the rule i.e. Conditional Permanent Rule that was imposed on spouses particularly sponsored spouses or partners in Canada to stay for minimum 2 years with their sponsoring partners.

Relaxed Education Criteria:

  • The Canadian government in addition to above norms has also relaxed its education criteria. This initiative has been taken to attract more immigration hopeful to Canada. So, what this criterion says is that anyone obtaining a high school diploma is eligible to enter Canada on permanent residency (PR).
  • However, one needs to have a relevant experience in their field as well. Apart from that, having a master’s degree will have its own set of benefits and improve the chances of migrating to Canada through express entry program.

So, these are some of the important and new PR rules to immigrate to Canada. So, if you are willing to move to Canada on PR basis, it’s advisable to seek for the right guidance. Well, we at Chopra Consultancy, the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh will not only assist you with your queries but will also help you in making your way to achieve permanent residency in Canada.


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