Permanent Residency to US


United States (US) Permanent Resident (PR) Visa information

The US is the one of developed countries around the world which is a dream destination of many Indians to get settled in, permanently. It is a wonderful country by nature as well as by opportunities to grow. It homes the people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It is also observed as the country where the large number of people migrate from all over the world. International people staying there love to be there for long time because of the lifestyle and they consider it to be the best site to live , work and grow.

If you are also convinced with the lifestyle of these people and you also want to live in such heavenly place then you need to attain its permanent residency. Yes, if you earn the Permanent Residency(PR) of US with the help of immigration consultants, then you can freely enjoy your life in US- live, work or study without any restrictions. Enjoy the same status, rights and privileges like US citizens.


Benefits of gaining US PR (Permanent Residency)

Work and live in the US permanently: Gaining US PR, you can work anywhere ij US including its government firms. For US citizens, there are various levels of security to get pass through whereas green card holders can virtually apply for any job in US. They do not need any work authorization from higher authority.

Freely travel in and out of the country: As a permanent resident of US, you can move in any part of the country without any constraint. Further you can also move out of the country for less than 6 months without any issues. But if you need to leave for more than 6 months than go through some formalities.

Sponsor your relatives: Once you gain green card of US, you can also sponsor your relatives to US if they want to get their own green card. You can enjoy your life with your family.

Become US citizen: A green card holder can further apply for a citizenship of US after 5 years. As a citizen you will be free to vote and run for office.

Pull social benefits: You can access all the social benefits like research grants, insurance coverage, education, retirement and health scheme benefits as a US PR or green card holder.
Build your assets and property in US: With a green card of US, you can purchase a property, a car and a house in US.

No need to reapply for PR status: Once you hold a green card, you need not to reapply for your Permanent residency status like nonimmigrant visa holders. However, you need to renew your green card after 10 years which is a quite simple process.

For which visa class you can apply?

There are many Categories under the immigrant visa

Immediate Relative and Family Sponsored Visa

  • Family Immigration
  • Marriage to a Foreign National
    • Spouse or Fiancé(e) of U.S. Citizen
    • Spouse of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) in U.S

Employment-Based visa

  • Employment Visas
  • Investor Visas

How Chopra Consultancy help you get your PR for US?

Chopra consultancy has been dealing with immigration to US since long so it has an expertize in doing so. Our experts assist all such people who are applying for Green card or PR to US. We help these interesting people to reach their goals successfully and hassle free.= by making immigration process quicker and smoother.

If you feel that you are eligible to go to US or want to check your eligibility and other requirements, then feel free to contact us. Fill the query from given below and we will revert back to you as soon as possible. We will give you the most suitable advice.