Top 5 Best Places To Visit in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world by area wise and ranks 15th globally in per capita income. The country with the longest coastline and the largest proportion of fresh water lakes comparatively is the best place to visit. The temperature variation in Canada varies from place to place. In some non coastal regions, winters can be very harsh where the temperature can vary from -15 to -40 degree Celsius and in some coastal regions an average temperature range of 25 to 40 degree Celsius has been witnessed. Here we are providing information regarding some of the best places you can Visit in Canada.

1. Vancouver – The place is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains in British Columbia. A majestic landscape seems like a natural playground famous for snow ski, swimming in ocean, is a centre of attraction for tourists. It is also the third-largest metropolitan area in the country.

2. Banff National Park – The Park is located in the region of Alberta and is the first national park of Canada. It is the largest and most visited park and owing to its beautiful scenery and wildlife, many tourists visit this place.

3. Niagara Falls, Ontario – The Ontario falls is one of the most attractive places in Canada. These waterfalls are situated on the border of the United States and Canada’s Ontario. The area surrounding the falls is the best tourist spot comprising restaurants, casinos and high rising hotels. Queen Victoria Park is one of the best places to view from Niagara Falls where sky is brightened with fireworks at night during summer.

4. Montreal – It is the cultural and financial capital of the Quebec Province and the second largest city in Canada after Toronto. The Olympic Tower, historic buildings of Old Montreal and water parks attract people to visit this place.

5. Toronto – It is one of the largest and most populated cities in Canada. The place also ranks high among most diverse cities in the world. Some famous places in Toronto are Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto Eaton Centre, High Park, Royal Ontario Museum, Distillery District are the centre of attraction for tourists.

A visit to Canada is like a dream comes true. It’s enormous beauty and vast landscape provides many choices and that’s why the country is a centre of attraction for tourists from all over the globe.

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