Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada in 2018!

Planning your career abroad can be both exciting and at the same time scaring as well. Although, you may get various options to choose from, but to choose the best among them can be a bit confusing at times. Well, one country that has become hot spot destination among students is none other than Canada. In fact, in previous years, the percentage of international students has dramatically increased in Canada. Have you ever thought, what’s the reason behind the rapid craze? Well, let’s just help you know a few good reasons that are compelling students to study in Canada:

  1. Quality Education: The most compelling reason for students to study in Canada is its quality of education. Alike, a degree obtained from Australia, United Kingdom, United States, etc. a Canadian degree is also equally recognized. According to a study done in 2016, three of the Canadian Universities acquired the position in top 50 globally. So, no matter a student is planning to apply for a vocational course or take admission in a university or a college, Canada is undoubtedly a place to study.
  2. Affordable Fee Structure: Another reason to choose Canada for studying is its affordable fee structure. When a student plans to study abroad, the most significant barrier that he/she has to face is the cost of the study. Well, to those who don’t know, it’s important to note that Canada has an affordable fee and living structure, say about $29,947 in comparison to another reputed study abroad countries like U.K-%35,045, U.S-36,564, and Australia-$42,093.
  3. Enriched Cultural Experience: When choosing a country abroad for study, students usually have a cultural shock like how will they adapt to the culture and people residing there. Well, looking forward, Canada is a bilingual country that won’t give any sort of trouble to students coming for study. Instead, students will get an opportunity to boost their career prospects.
  4. Scholarship Options: There are numerous benefits of studying in a country like Canada as students will get a lot of scholarship options here and this includes University and Government Scholarships and special scholarships. The government of Canada lives to maintain a friendly reputation with neighborhood countries and thus opens up opportunities for international students by providing scholarship options. In order to get your funds sponsored, just enter the country name, you reside in and the database of Canada will provide you with a list of opportunities.
  5. Work While Study Option: Although, you might have adequate funds to study in Canada, but every student looks for work while study options so that in near future they don’t get out of funds. Luckily, if a student is willing to study abroad especially in Canada, then he/she will get an opportunity to work for around 20 hours a week.

So, if you are looking for a healthy environment where you can not only study peacefully but at the same time, get a wide range of career opportunities to broaden up your career horizons, then Canada is definitely is the place to be.

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