Tourist Visa To Spain


Spain, situated in southwestern Europe, is the third country in the world with the most World Heritage Sites. The figure of tourists visiting Spain has significantly increased in the recent years, all by the virtue of its two main cities- Madrid and Barcelona. Aside from this, it is known for its ancient monuments left my Romans, medieval castles, white villages of Andalucia, all presenting a mixture of cultural attractions in Spain. And then lastly, there are countless glittering beaches that dot the Spanish coast.

Popular tourist destinations of Spain – Alhambra, The stunning Merida Roman Theatre, Belchite, The Royal Palace of Madrid, Alcazar of Segovia, Palma Cathedral, Prado National Museum, Parque Natural de Corralejo

In order to visit Spain, tourists are required to apply for Schengen Visa.

Process and Requirements Tourist Visa to Spain:

  • Download Schengen Visa Application Form and fill all the accurate details. Then print hard copy.
  • 2 Photos of size 35mm (width) x 45mm (height) is to be attached. These passport sized photos must display facial features clearly with light background.
  • Copies of a valid passport, for at least 6 months of applying, with two blank pages must be sent.
  • A copy of your return-ticket reservation. However, it is not recommended to purchase the ticket before obtaining the visa.
  • Schengen Travel Visa Insurance confirmation.
  • A cover letter stating your purpose to visit Spain.
  • Flight Ticket Reservation.
  • Proof of your entire stay in Spain.
  • Proof of Civil status (Birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc)
  • Means of Subsistence- Proof that you have sufficient funds to support your entire trip.

Other Documents that are required:

  • If you are employed: Employment contract, Bank statements (6 months), Leave permission from the employer, Income Tax Payment/deduction receipts
  • If you are self-employed: Copy of business license, Bank Statements, Income Tax Return
  • If you are a student: No-objection certificate from school or university
  • If retired: Pension statement for last 6 months