Tourist Visa to United States (US)


The United States of America is considered to one of the top destinations for tourism in the world. Not only does the country hold in itself several places that can be explored, but it also provides the best facilities to the thousands of people who come to visit the country every year.

There are some conditions that tourists need to understand and follow so that they can get the best experience in the US.


There are two types of tourist visas that the Government of the United States of America permits. One of these tourist visas is the B1 visa and the other is the B2 visa.

The fee for a tourist visa which is not intended for immigrations is 160 USD. This is applicable for the two types of tourist visa that the American government allows. The processing time is the same for both types of visas and depends on the procedure carried out by the related governments.

B1 visa:

The B1 tourist visa can be obtained for several purposes.

The B1 tourist visa is of course meant for the purposes of tourism and vacations where the tourists can come and meet their relatives and friends in the United States of America.

However, a tourist can also obtain this visa if there is a need to connect with business associates or if the tourist wants to participate in a scientific, professional, educational or business convention or conference in the United States of America.

The visa can be obtained if a resident of another country wants to establish an estate in America or for discussing a business contract.

B2 visa:

In addition to tourism and vacation, the activities permissible for B2 tourist visa involve medical treatment. These medical treatments can be required by a person who is not able to get the same in his or her own country.

If a tourist wants to participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations or events organized by amateurs in musical, sports, or similar events or contests the B2 tourist visa can be obtained. However, the tourist should not be paid for participating in any of these events.

A person coming to the United States of America for a short recreational course of study which does not involve a degree is permissible for obtaining the B2 visa.

However, neither can a person study for a proper degree under the B2 and B1 tourist visa nor is he or she permitted to work using the same visa. People coming for the purpose of publishing as part of any form of media are also not allowed.

In addition to this, a person in possession of a B1 or B2 tourist visa cannot stay in the United States of America with the intention of becoming a permanent resident of the country.

The people who want to apply for the tourist visa should keep all of the aforementioned points in mind so that they may not have to face a harsh reaction from the Government of the United States of America.